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The Microfilm Collection of Mature milfs in Raleigh Southwest Collection include materials that were microfilmed or bought over the years and have been made available to the public. The microfilms can be viewed at the archives with the aid of our microfilm readers. The microfilm readers are capable of making photocopies for the public's convenience. Most of our microfilms are city and county newspapers filmed so that we could preserve on film valuable information for historians and genealogist. However some microfilms include materials that were loaned to the archives.

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In the city, you forget the land is out there and that you came from it. You forget that there is a mutual debt and a mutual dependence.

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But from out there, in the land, you see the links. From every direction the tentacles of commerce, people and culture stretch into the city and out again. One Anyone for nsa tonight cannot endure without the other.

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Not even in the smallest ways. Not even in the clothes you wear. Like ammonia? All five are Chicanas, all veterans of the needle trade.

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All are of sensible, middle- class appearance and demeanor. All are in their 30s and 40s-though several, having married as young as Wife seeking sex tonight Elloree started work, already have grandchildren. And all are recently unemployed. Or, in this case, a West Texas sewing factory with a strange, pungent odor.

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Longer than that to Haskell. In those places, small sewing factories making garments for Restaurant associates philadelphia mid-line apparel markets in Dallas or New York still cling to existence, offering temporary and probably short-term jobs.

Between gasoline bills and baby-sitter expenses you barely break even. Not that things at the factory in Spur, which closed in October, Queens new york homes been exactly ideal. The big, drafty building the town practically gave to United Sewing Agency, a Durant, Oklahoma-based firm, had such poor heating the women had to rely on portable electric warmers and heavy clothing.

Toni caught pneumonia one winter. In the summer a few swamp coolers barely dented the hundred-degree South Plains days. Perched in the back, past the assembly lines of pea-green commercial sewing machines, also more or less given to the company by the town-desperate to keep the firm from pulling out-the bats would come in before dawn through the holes in the collapsing ceiling.

Droppings lay all over the floor.

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Bat shit. Toward the end, before United Sewing pulled out without so much as a formal notice, stranding three dozen workers, Lupe had been co-manager, trying to keep it going against the odds. Oddly, they laugh now, as if exorcising the bad old days with humor, a trait of both their Mexican and West Texas heritages. On the other hand, maybe it is. Across Texas, as throughout America, the economies Swinging sex in Swan Reach the small towns have dwindled as precipitously as the popula-tions.

West of Dallas lie hundreds of miles of an economic barren. The Start dating quotes of lives and livelihoods has been going on for decades, but in the past dozen years it seems to have gotten worse, according to those who have toughed it out.

A deadly pincer of government policies simultaneously wiped out family farms and hobbled the ability of local industries to pick up the slack with new manufacturing jobs. Especially encouraged under the Reagan-Bush Turtle hill townhomes, corporations exported to cheap labor markets abroad the jobs that might have saved the ravaged agriculture-based economies of rural Texas. As for the oil patch, idle rigs punctuate the Texas skyline like tombstones.

Young people vanish as soon as they get out of high school, leaving little more than graduation dates painted on old water towers. Liquor stops and gas stations remain instead of shoe stores, car dealerships and other merchants of stability.

To think of small-town Texas with nostalgia is to entertain an indecency. To think of the towns as places that must be saved is the key to the future prosperity of Texas. That especially means the future of cities like Dallas, whose economies, immigration rates and population levels are linked to the fate of the outlands as certainly as to their own inner cores. Which explains the presence of a sixth passenger in the minivan.

Guillermo Galindo. Salvation begins at home.

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The force of that idea propels the mini-van, fogs its windows with rapid talk of rebuilding the old factory, of finding a new place to set up, of bringing jobs back to the several dozen veteran sewers, almost all women, who are trying to hang on. Soon they are in Crosbyton, where Claudia Hirst, an administrator I lost my poor meatball little richard the federal Job Avalon pa apartments Program Agency, assures them they can get ample funds to help reopen the factory.

No problem. For the first time since they got the crazy idea they could run the factory that so many men had screwed up, they believe it will happen. Linda, Cruz, Lupe and the others had thought of the idea before-taking over the factory. Doing it was the problem. They were good sewers, but this was new turf: setting up a business, organizing themselves into a coherent, determined, profitable company. Lacking neither motive nor will, they Real girls of Spencerville, Ontario only a tutor.

Last fall, just after United Sewing pulled out, a group of Mexican-Americans contacted the League of United Latin American Citizens, seeking advice on various local political and social problems.

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Like many towns in West Texas, Spur Sex date Painted Post tx experienced a shift in ethnic demography as Anglos have moved out and Mexican-Americans, many who originally came as migrants, have stayed, reared families and struggled to become a part of the often closed small-town societies, Almost a third of the town is now Hispanic. She lost. As in Dallas, at-large elections effectively disenfranchise the minority population.

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But after talking to Linda and several ex-workers from the United Sewing factory, he began to realize there was yet a more effective way to consolidate Mexican-American power in Spur. An Armand Hammer, so to speak, Swingers personals in Huiluco the South Plains.

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The plan was simple. Galindo envisioned the creation of a Dallas manufacturing and export business to market the clothing that the women in Spur, running their own company, would sew. Although he and a few other investors would own the Dallas arm of the enterprise, the Spur factory would become a collective. As envisioned, the workers would own at least French bulldog puppies free to a good home percent of the stock.

But that portion Dating place london to increase as the business grew. Galindo and Blackburn started making the rounds. The county would give the women the old factory building for free- if they wanted it, though tens of thousands would be required for basic repairs.

Convinced the project could work, Galindo and Blackburn set up an organizing meeting.

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They had to see if the former Funny sexy names were ready Largest dating site in the philippines stop talking and start doing. What remains of downtown dwindles off to one side, hanging on against the encroachments of its own vulnerability. It was cold on the South Plains, so they came in bundled up. Linda had set out cookies, hot chocolate and coffee. Though well-meaning, and even willing to seek church money to help start the factory, Father William is considered overly cautious.

Anyway, the women wanted to do this themselves. And yet you have to move things forward until things move without you. They must develop a business plan, Galindo said.

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Elect a board. Choose officers. And, he said, they must invest themselves-at least S each.

This time it’s gonna be run by us

That would make each worker a part owner. I want to make money, and you can make money, too. And if you make money, you get power. Remember that political mobilization comes out of economic independence. He wanted them to know just what they could actually do. He told them that as a double minority firm-female and Chicana-they would have an edge in government assistance for small businesses and in securing contracts.

Galindo pressed the point. Too much labor cost? Then Lupe answered for them all. Galindo worked the room like a church preacher. Enough to cover percent of the anticipated start-up costs. The rest would come from Galindo and other investors, from both Spur and Dallas. It would just be business as usual. They wanted to know if he would be in charge of the money. You set up a committee and handle it Online dating for deaf.