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Things that weigh a milligram


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We measure mass by weighingbut Weight and Mass are not really the same thing. Hold one small paperclip in your hand. Does that weigh a lot? A gram is very light.

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Elbert C. The metric and U. The relationships between the metric and U. Fluid Volume - Fluid volumes are usually measured in milliliters or liters. Small quantities of liquid products are expressed as milliliters or as cubic centimeters.

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Gasoline, milk and other similar sized volumes are measured in liters. Mass - Mass is the amount of matter in an object and is normally referred to as weight.

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The common metric units of mass are milligram, gram, kilogram and tonne 1, kilograms. Medicine, vitamins and other small objects are measured in milligrams.

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Several food products are measured in grams. Heavier objects, including larger food quantities and humans, have masses expressed in kilograms.

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A truck load of material and other large quantities of matter are measured in tonnes. Mass and volume are related in the metric system. A liter of water equal to 1, cubic centimeters has a mass of one kilogram, and a cubic meter of water has a mass of one tonne.

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Temperature - Temperature in the metric system is measured in degrees Celsius formerly called centigrade. Pressure - Pressure, which is force per unit area, is measured in Hot mexican wemon.

Weight or mass?

One pascal is a very small pressure, so kilopascal is the preferred unit for most commercial and industrial applications. Standard atmospheric Adult friend finder fetish of Power - The unit of power in the metric system is the watt.

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Conventionally, we use entirely different units for power in mechanical, thermal and electrical systems. In the metric system, however, all power is measured in watts.

U.s. customary units

A tractor rated at horsepower in the U. Energy, Quantity of Heat - All forms of energy in the metric system are ex-pressed as joules. The nutrition Spa escape temecula ca, which equals one kilocalorie, is replaced by the kilojoule, with one kilocalorie being equal to approximately four kilojoules. Larger heat quantities such as furnaces and air conditioners are measured in megajoules 1, kilo joules. Kilowatt-hour, a commonly used measure of energy, is replaced with the megajoule. One kilowatt-hour equals 3.

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Metric units

Biological Systems Engineering: Papers and Publications. Authors Elbert C. Abstract The metric and U. Included in Biological Engineering Commons.

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