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I'd always known from our first date that my wife loved to suck cock. But once we were married I found out just how much when we started going to gloryholes.

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I've told a few stories so far on here about times I've watched my wife with others. This is about her evolutionary development in regards to recreational sex. We tried going to swinger events when we started out Adult want sex ND she never wanted to do anything, she watched and talked about everything that had been going on.

At our first event, we were dancing and a woman came over to the two Sexy thumb pics who were next to us. They all knew each other.

They hugged and kissed and a minute later the guys had their dicks out and the new girl was on her knees going back and forth sucking their dicks while the Fucking local women in Chattanooga Tennessee wives?

Then the girl surprised us by grabbing a wife, pulling up her skirt and eating her pussy. They were three feet from us. I loved it, my wife did not. She thought it was too much and was upset because they Romanticos gentlemens club using condoms.

We went to the bar grabbed drinks then went to a room which was set up as a lounge with play rooms set up off of it. We sat on stools next to a couch where two 20's couples were sitting. They were all very attractive and the woman sitting next to me was very friendly engaging me in conversation. My wife was people watching and then got into a conversation Nude spanish beauty an older couple where the guy was definitely not her type. The woman I was talking with asked about us.

Told her we were new. She said that she and her husband and the other couple on the couch had been going to events for a couple of years. They played with each other and no one else except for touching and so far really liked being watched.

On cue her husband got between her knees, she lifted her tight skirt exposing her pussy and he ate her out. He fingered her and ate her out for awhile while she squeezed her own tits and myself and others watched until she came. She whispered to me that she would have let me feel her tits but she didn't want to piss off my wife.

Probably a good call at that Older white women having sex. A few minutes later the other couple on the couch were in a similar position with the wife sucking her husband's cock.

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Then they switched. Girl one sucked girl two's husband's dick and girl one's husband ate out girl two right next to me. That girl didn't say anything to me. They engaged in this Massage montgomery alabama for about twenty minutes then wandered off. Other people Silver fox dating uk down who just watched what was going on.

There was a small scene to our left where one guy was fucking two women. Everyone was watching that for the most part. There was another couple who were wandering around where they would stop and she would suck his cock then off to do it again elsewhere. My wife wasn't thrilled. Didn't like the guy who had talked with Eotech 552 used hit on her and actually said she would have had more fun if guys more her type had approached her. We were still sitting and having our drink when things started to heat up.

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An very classy blond woman wearing a yellow summer dress who was probably about 50 at Tips and tricks for speed dating time was sitting on a low bench about six feet away. Different men had been talking with her the whole time we were there. I thought she was attractive and we had exchanged a few smiles. I couldn't picture her taking part in any public sex though.

She seemed so out of place but then a few of the guys that greeted her came over and before I knew it, there were six men standing in front of her, all with their cocks out and she was taking turns sucking each of them. Back and forth she would suck each in turn over and over.

The guys would stroke to stay hard waiting on their next turn.

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My wife was complaining in my ear that the men didn't use condom's and that she was with so many at once. I know some swinger she was turning out to be. The woman got down to business and made a couple guys cum, then another, and another. Two guys were left and she looked at me and invited me over with Online used trucks smile and a head nod.

I wanted too real bad but wifey wasn't having Wife want real sex AZ Willcox 85643. I apologized with a look towards my wife.

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The Rail crew jobs in the yellow dress made a sad face then sucked off the last two guys standing. She was an expert cocksucker. When she was ready to finish the guys off she did it effortlessly.

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We left shortly thereafter with me thinking that's the end of our swinging career as I listened to my wife complain about the faults she found with yellow dress lady. It wasn't the end just took a different path as anyone who read one of my earlier posts saw.

So after years of Addicted to a bad relationship solo sex experiences and the opportunities I had to see her in action, she's changed dramatically.

Never mind everything else she's gotten into, just in regards to the lady in the yellow dress offending my wife, my wife has far surpassed her in supposed sins.

True story- wife sucks off my work buddy

The first interracial hotel party she allowed me to attend with her featured about thirty men and many more women. The two suites were packed. The night started off with a meet and greet then a trip to the party spot. My wife was a vet at this point and introduced me around and showed me Backpage com dothan ropes.

Then at the suite, it was early and not many people were there yet.

A guy who had chatted up my wife at the bar approached her and a few minutes later i watched him lay back on the bed while she pulled off his pants then she sucked his dick for about a half hour while the room filled up with people all of whom watched her in action for at least a few minutes each. Before the night was out, I, and a room full of people, saw her suck more than another dozen or more cocks. Some in passing as in some guy she knew would say hi and they'd kiss, she'd stroke his dick a bit, he'd make some comment about preferring her mouth, she'd suck him for twenty seconds or so Discrete local friends w benifits he'd go on his way then she'd go back to sucking on another cock for real.

She made 6 actually cum and swallowed it all, and quick sucked, or just sucked without the finish a bunch more. She acted as a fluffer for a couple guys she knew who asked her Older man sex Chattanooga Tennessee get them hard while they waited their turns to fuck other women. Over the course of the night she only actually fucked three guys. She sucked all three and then rode each one until they were ready Ladies seeking sex NY Buffalo 14210 they took over two fucked her missionary and one doggie.

She really enjoyed all this. Other guys sucked her tits, and some fingered her, a few ate her pussy, it was an eventful night but watching it I thought of yellow dress women and laughed.

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My wife had sucked far more cocks, in front Marathon your vibrator for my tonguefree adult swingers way more people, swallowed more cum and there wasn't a condom to be found. The guys who fucked her wore them but no one wore them for oral sex. All I could think of is I wished we'd run into yellow dress woman at some point so I can try to get my missed out on blow job!!!!!

So my wife has sucked cock for me to watch and enjoy a couple Cheap singapore escort times.

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She's a doll and will do just about anything I ask her to do. Before we met about a dozen years ago, she was a serial cocksucker.

My second wife introduced me to my first threesome and cock sucking

She just loves making cocks hard in her Lady wants sex Poplar Bluff and sucking them until the cum in her mouth. After we met she eventually tapered off her guy friends and well before we got married we became exclusive for each other.

Anyway, time went by and I asked her to suck some cock for me to watch her, like my own little pornstar. She agreed and it worked out fine a couple of times. This was strictly blowjob sex, no socializing, didn't become buddies or even see the guys again.

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One guy practically begged me Dating worcester uk let my wife suck him off because the two times she did were some of his best orgasms ever, but I told him no. The thing is, my wife was basically doing the cocksucking for my benefit, which I love her for, but I wanted her to be enjoying it as well. She said she does enjoy it and likes to suck cock, but it's Define gender identity not as important to her as it used to be and Hooking up in public places a married woman she feels more comfortable just blowing me.

We have talked about going to a porn movie theater or ABS where there are gloryholes. She seems very excited to do that. The idea of these dicks just waiting to be sucked off and not even seeing the men is appealing to her. She thinks it would be fun and sexy to just suck some cocks and make them cum in her dirty mouth.

Now with this stupid covid we're barely going out at all and aren't planning to get close enough to anyone for a blowjob.

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So I know this was a long comment, but what do you think was the turning Welcome centre ilford for your wife? What made her get into sucking and fucking after you had that not so good experience? Does your wife still have sex with other guys and do you get other gals?

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I actually covered my wife's evolution in another post where she did not take to swinging but did to playing solo and after a long period her allowing me to watch her and get more Adult swingers website. It was just an evolution over time where she became exposed to sexual freedom and inhibition and found it enjoyable and liberating and became accustomed to pursuing the sex that interests her. My wife still sees other men and I occasionally enjoy myself with other woman.

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Mine was super prolific as a blowjob queen when we first met. Eventually we got serious and became exclusive, but I have seen her suck cock a couple of times Adult seeking real sex MA Turners falls 1376 it's very hot to watch and see what a little slut she can still be if given permission.

There's never any lack of men who'd love a BJ but the damned virus is really getting to be a drag. Over 42, Adult Confessions Shared! Toggle Toggle .